Everglades Mermaid Pearl Tassel Earrings | Mint to Emerald Ombre Faux Pearl Earrings

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Be a Catalyst for Love

Welcome to Anna-Molly’s!

  I’m Chelsea. Creator, Founder, Artist, Designer - I wear all the hats! I’ve been making jewelry for 20 years. I’ve been in customer retail management for 15 years. I am a merchandiser + honestly- I love it!

    When my mom was raising funds for a missions trip to Stockholm, I began brainstorming ways my word-of-mouth side hustle could help her. This was my ah-ha moment!

   What if women could purchase their everyday jewelry but also support a cause important to them?

   What if the woman you’re helping receive assistance also got a  friendship bracelet with a little note of encouragement + love from you?

   So, #BraceletsForLove was born. For each accessory purchased, one bracelet + note of love is gifted.

   I’ve been blessed to unite women in 5 countries with over 600 friendship bracelets.

   All of my jewelry is made with hypoallergenic, Upcycled or fair trade certified materials. I do accept upcycling donations! In exchange for your donation you’ll receive a gift card to AnnaMolly’s!

  I do love custom orders. Follow me on social media to get a peak!