Fashion Tip Thursday: What necklace should you wear?

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Fashion Tip Thursday: What necklace should you wear?

Fashion Tip Thursday: What necklace should you wear with that neckline?

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IDK about you but I definitely struggle with deciding which necklace to choose (way too many faves!)

Should I layer some dainty necklaces? or wear a chunky statement necklace? Should I skip the necklace and do statement earrings?

Well, I searched the internet high and low- here's 3 tips to use as a rule of thumb!


Tip 1: Scoop Neck or V-neck tops look great with a short necklace.

Try to find one that sits on your decollete. The thought process here: Fill the negative space created by your shirt. Wear a coordinating bracelet stack + medium sized earrings to complete your look.

image of brunette model wearing the princess beach gift set dainty gold chain choker with sparkly charm drop earrings.


Tip 2: Halter tops or cold shoulder tees look best with a dainty chain necklace. 

Wearing a low cut halter top? Try a skinny chain choker. I'd stick to smaller earrings + either a statement arm cuff or a coordinating bracelet stack.

Wearing a top that covers your collar bones? Try a long necklace with pendant. If you're feeling brave look for a long statement necklace in a complimentary color.

long black hair model wearing green turquoise hoop earrings with a long beaded turquoise pendant statement necklace


Tip 3: Tube tops or mock neck tees look so cute with layered necklaces!

Pro layering tip: Choose necklaces that are about 2" different in length. This will create that perfect waterfall layer.

Image shows close up of brunette model wearing multiple necklaces. The necklaces are silver chain link with pendant and moon charms. The model is also wearing a pink lace bralette and a purple tie dye dress


Adding jewelry to your outfit is like adding icing to the cake. 

It helps your personality shine through!

I know trends are always changing but with these three tips you're less likely to wear a fashion faux pas. 

What would you like to see in Fashion Tip Thursday?

Any questions about upcycled jewelry?

Hope you guys have an awesome week! 

See you next Thursday!




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