Fashion Tip Thursday: Which Earring Shape Do I Choose?

Fashion Tip Thursday: Which Earring Shape Do I Choose?

Fashion Tip Thursday: Which Earring Shape Do I Choose?

Welcome to Fashion Tip Thursday where Chelsea breaks down your fashion questions.

This week we're jumping right in to earrings!

Did you know, just like contouring your face- your earring shape has an effect on how your face shape is presented?


Round or a Circular face- A round face is best complimented by a long dangle earring.

This long earring shape will draw out the length of your face making it appear more elongated and less round.


Rectangular shaped face- A rectangular face is best complimented by studs or cluster earrings.

You're looking for a round shape to hit at your cheekbones. This will widen the appearance of your cheeks while minimizing your jaw + forehead.

Square shaped face- Soften your edges with a long, rounded earring. This will widen your cheekbone while adding length to your jawline.

The rounded edges will help lessen the harshness of your angular bone structure.

Heart shaped face- For a heart shaped face, look for a design that is wider at the bottom than the top.

Looking into the mirror, imagine an oval around your face shape. Where your face doesn't hit the oval is the space your're looking to fill with earring. Thus, softening your cheekbones while widening your jawline. 

Oval shaped face- You're the luckiest of all- all earring shapes look great on you!


I hope this helped you understand which earrings to choose + why! 
What fashion or styling questions do you have for next weeks blog?

Let me know in the comments!



      - Chels 




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