Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

Man, life has been so weird lately.

Don't leave the house unless it's for essentials. Don't come within 6 feet of anyone not in your household. Only work from home.

Girl's night? canceled.

Graduation? canceled.

A friend of mine even had to post-pone her wedding. *ugly cry*

Sometimes when our worlds are turned upside down or we're feeling overwhelmed- it's good to take a step back.

Look at it from a different perspective.

 A Change in Perspective

So let's imagine- You are told to stay at home or shelter in place.

but- What if you don't have a shelter? What if you don't have a home?


You're told to wash your hands frequently, throughout the day.

What if you don't have a sink? Running water?


We've been told to take care of ourselves- Eat to build your immune system!

What if you not only are unsure as to where your next meal will come from, but also unsure as to when that meal will be?


How do those in our homeless communities stay healthy while enduring a global pandemic?

 A Solution to the Problem

Thankfully Family Promise is working hard to solve these issues.


  • Family Promise Affiliates have been partnering with local communities to see which day centers can be converted to shelter sites.
  • Networking with local property management companies to utilize vacant Air BnB's, motels, + rentals
  • Collaborating with landlords to offer temporary housing for homeless families.


How it all Started

  • Family Promise started with a mom, an empathetic heart, and a sack lunch.
  • The first FP network was founded in 1986 in New Jersey with one goal in mind- help the homeless find employment, reconnect them with society, and restore their dignity.
  • In 2004 FP opened their 100th affiliate in Athens, Georgia.
  • In 2019 FP served over 125,000 homeless persons.


Lots of good work here, ya? 

Does it shed a different light on your perspective?

As much as this makes your heart happy- that there are people out there trying to help our least fortunate- they can only do as much work as there is money.

We all know it makes the world go round.

 Support the Solution


Family Promise needs your DONATIONS! There are 2 ways to donate!


1- Direct Link to donate to their site

2- Purchase a Family Promise #BraceletForLove

Purchasing 1 bracelet donates $5 directly to Family Promise and sends a friendship bracelet to one of the affiliates AnnaMolly's by Chelsea supports.



Are you or a loved one experiencing homelessness? Are you in need of support from your community? Find a local Family Promise affiliate here


"Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference." - Wonder Woman


                                             Be a Catalyst for Love,



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