About AnnaMolly's by Chelsea

native american artist and designer chelsea mcminn of annamolly's by chelsea is sitting on her back porch in her garden smiling 

Hi! I'm Chelsea + I'm the designer/artist behind AnnaMolly's! I make upcycled jewelry and unique art.

I started this brand in April 2018. It initially started as a fundraiser- I needed a way to help my mom pay for her first missions trip to Stockholm. I had the thought, "ohhh, friendship bracelets!"
But then I thought- "how do I make it special?"

Insert #BraceletsForLove here

What if- women could figure out a way to know who's donation is helping them? 
What if women could put a face on the people supporting them?
Not just bracelets- but a little hug for your wrist.
So that's what I did.
I reached out to refugee organizations, women's shelters, homeless shelters, girls' homes, + I've done a few days of just handing out bracelets and love in my community.

2 years later and we've gifted over 600 bracelets + notes of love to women in 6 countries.

Jewelry isn't just rings, necklaces + bracelets.
Jewelry can be good for you, your bestie + the environment.
Shop with purpose. 
- Chels